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Vaastu Importance and Relevance for Brigade Parkside East

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Why Vastu is important before buying your Dream home.

It feels great when you find a property that is obedient to Vastu Shastra just like Brigade Parkside East by Brigade Groups.

In reality market, a rage is spread to have a Property that complies to Indian architectural science- Vastu Shastra. Though people rarely know about it, they understand its importance and search for such properties very consciously. It has become a relevant factor for buying home. Even if you are a pessimist to Vastu Shastra, no harm to have compliance. Cause all that Vastu brings is positivity and prosperity in your life. And, all that ensures pleasure and opulence is sure to grab attention. 

Brigade Parkside East
Brigade Parkside East

So, before you upsurge your hard-earned money on any property that will do no good to you. Read on to know the importance of Vastu and, how Brigade Parkside East abide by the Absolute Must Vastu for a house.

Ideal direction for Entrance:
The design or layout of Brigade Parkside East apartments holds entrances in East, North, and North-east. Entrance ushers in positivity and happiness for the family. If in North, it brings opportunity in career and success in business and monetary matters. A south-west or South-east entrance is not preferable at all. It brings relationship and monetary issues to great extent.

Location of rooms:
Each room has some negative and positive aspect. To ensure that the inhabitants of the house benefit the most from it. Location of Brigade Parkside East living room and bedrooms is in ideal directions. For strengthening and developing social connections, living room in the east zone is good. If you talk about the bedroom, East or North-east direction is a big NO.

Brigade Parkside East Location
Brigade Parkside East Location

Proper ventilation and light:
Extreme importance is given to proper light and ventilation in the house in Vastu Shastra. Flats facing East or North and having windows and balconies on these two sides is ideal. As per Vastu, there should not be a common wall shared by two houses, this creates mixed energies and is not good for living spaces. Therefore, it is important to leave open spaces in all four corners of your house.

The perfect direction of Pantry and Lavatories:
Toilets in an erroneous direction in the house affect the health and immunity of the members living. Therefore, North and North-east directions are avoided to build toilets. Similarly, East direction is supposed to be good for cooking, the South-east corner is the most ideal location for Kitchen. Kitchen location in front of the main door is also avoided.

Bhoomi Poojan:
Ideally, this should be considered at first when you buy a house, but, you can’t be certain whether it was performed by the builder or not. It definitely must be performed as it ensures opportune beginning and heralds good start to further doings.

Vaastu Importance and Relevance for Brigade Parkside East

The major “Does of Vastu” for a lively and prosperous house are being well taken care of by Brigade Parkside East.

Falling for Brigade Parkside East Bangalore? Know about Brigade Parkside East.

Brigade Parkside East is a residential property spread over 3.8 acres of land at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. The project offers 237 units of 1 and 2BHK rooms. Everything from entertainment to daily civic needs is provided. A jogging track, Yoga deck, gymnasium, common hall, clubhouse, tennis court, swimming pool for adults and kids and a play area for children. The carefully designed amenities so full-fills expectations of residents of all age groups. The property is amidst a gorgeously landscaped area and gives an unhindered view of serene and lush green scenery.

Call Us @ 91 8239182020 or log on to http://brigadeparksideeast.grihhpravesh.com/

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